TOB Posturography (Test of Balance)

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TOB Posturography (Test of Balance)

Simple, current and rapid method to evaluate, in static conditions, the center of gravity in patients with peripheral or central balance disorders.

Some people have a visual preference, that is, they depend on visual information. Others develop instability when the support surface is not firm. Through posturography, in addition to detecting the system involved in the disturbance of balance, in rehabilitation we can act in its treatment; Allows to eliminate the anomaly or to strengthen the system that is weakened.

TOB, causas de mareos.Posturografía, sintomas del vertigo.

TOB, causes of dizziness.Postrography, symptoms of vertigo.Techniques posturográficas allow the diagnosis and treatment of balance disorder.

This technique is performed on platforms that record the position of the patient and their center of gravity. The patient is standing there, while the surface remains stable and / or mobile. Increased patient balance allows deterioration of balance to be recorded.

This instability causes important limitations in the health, quality of life and the social environment of the patient.

Vestibular rehabilitation offers satisfactory results in about 90% of the cases and in 20% it offers considerable improvements.

We developed a static platform of 50 x 50 cm, with four pressure sensors (one in each corner) and a force range of 0 to 100 kg each. Each sensor produces a small voltage proportional to the pressure (Drs Bergmann and Bertora).

The evaluation allows establishing the percentage of each of the neurosensory systems involved in the balance, ie the visual, somatosensory and vestibular.

In our statistical studies we verified that the visual system corresponds to 40% in the equilibriometric distribution, while the vestibular and somatosensory system each intervene in 30%.

Important variations are seen in peripheral and central vestibular patients, as well as in patients with cortical cerebral affections, Alzheimer’s disease, who present a marked decrease in the balance system of the visual system.

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