Testimonies about vertigo and dizziness.

Testimonios sobre vertigo y mareo.

Some Testimonies of Our Work!

Zertuche Muñoz Jesús (48 years old)

Mexico DF.

I started 10 years ago with vertigo, while bilateral hearing loss and tinnitus have been associated for 7 years. Dr. Said treats me and thanks to him I have improved hearing and controlled the vertigo.

Infante Losoya Rosaura (57 years old)

Merida Yucatan. Mexico.

I was valued by multiple medical specialists and none took away the vertigo I had.

Ever since I did the vertigo studies, Dr. Jorge Saíd indicated the medical treatment with which I have improved and this vertigo that I suffered for years has disappeared.

Mora Fallas Trinidad (81 years)

San Jose Costa Rica.

I suffered for many years of instability and sometimes even vertigo that caused me to fall.

I heard about Dr. Jorge Saíd from friends who recommended it to me.

I did studies of vertigo that I had never done before and since he gave me medical treatment I have improved and I have not felt dizzy again. Thank you Dr. Said.

Lugo García Maribel (37 years old)

Tijuana, B.C. Mexico.

I had an accident with head trauma and left with vertigo and left hearing loss, I visited multiple specialists here in Tijuana, and I received medical treatments that did not take away my dizziness and worsened my left deafness.

I visited the office of Dr. Said, and through studies that he performed me tests of balance and vascular function of my head knew how to treat me medically and two years later I find myself without vertigo and improved my hearing.

Padilla Buenfil Omar (28 years)

Mexico DF.

I had sudden and incapacitating vertigo that forced me to stop performing my work activities and until I could not support; Also tinnitus two years ago.

For my medical service I was channeled to multiple specialists; Since I was a child I have a right deafness, but it was by chance that I found a specialist who told me about Otoneurology.

I met Dr. Jorge Saíd, he carried out highly professional studies and indicated medical treatment, with which he continues until now, disappearing vertigo and I becoming part of my working life.

Acevedo Arcos Guillermo (25 years)

Five years ago I was vertigo and was sent with Dr. Jorge Said for assessment.

I have received medical treatment and I am no longer dizzy.