Vertigo and dizziness

Vértigo y mareo. Clínica vértigo y mareo

What is Vertigo? What is dizziness?

Vertigo and dizziness clinicVertigo and dizziness or loss of balance is a feeling that can manifest along with others such as weakness, fever, insomnia, pain, vomiting, which may express that a person is sick.The person who experiences these vertigo sensations can pass a viacrucis visiting several medical specialties, and many times without good results since the symptomatology can be very broad, for that it is necessary the intervention of a certified specialist in vertigo, dizziness or loss of the balance That is to say of a Physician specialist in NEURO-OTHOLOGY.

The viacrucis begins with the Clinical Physician, to whom the patient frequently resorts in search of help for his acute dizziness. The Otorhinolaryngologist is consulted for dizziness in relation to auditory symptoms such as tinnitus (tinnitus) and hearing loss (hearing loss) closely related to dizziness and dizziness.

The Ophthalmologist is consulted for dizziness in relation to visual symptoms, sensation of movement of objects, double vision, cloudy vision, etc.

It turns to the Neurologist when dizziness or loss of balance lost balance.

The Traumatologist directs his attention towards the dizziness in relation to the affections of the cervical spine.

The Psychiatrist is consulted for the appearance of dizziness accompanied by depressive symptoms, changes of mood, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

At the end of the viacrucis the patient (who can not stand another day the dizziness, feeling dizzy and the loss of balance has already spent so much money that he no longer wants to think about it, worsening his condition by the depression in which he can fall by not finding A solution to their suffering.

In our Clinic of Neurophysiology Otology we are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo and dizziness, or loss of balance, with training at the University of Würzburg, Germany, we are the main authority in the investigation of this evil that welcomes desperate people and we contribute With our practical research in the Archives of Sensology and Neurootology (ASN) publications, where we explore the three systems of balance, as we have the right technology for all our processes that the patient requires, so we can help you rehabilitate your condition Better than anyone else in the country.

We are a team dedicated to the study and diagnosis of auditory and neurophysiological pathologies related to dizziness or loss of balance.

For us, it has always been a challenge and a requirement to constantly update and modernize our methods to reach them more precisely.