About us

In terms of audiological and balance pathologies, we offer you personalized attention, with the most modern computerized equipment and the latest in German technology to establish accurate and topographical diagnoses that help to prescribe a better and specific treatment of these problems.

We’ve all had the feeling of losing our balance, having a fainting spell, feeling unsteady, having hallucinations or feeling that you or the space are moving and we can not imagine what is happening inside our organism. This disorder is known as VÉRTIGO. Unlike the MAREO, where you have the feeling that the head floats and the movement is confusing without a direction or clear sense.

In vertigo two well-defined forms of imbalance can be established: the Objective when one feels that the objects move around, usually in horizontal form, and the Subjective when the person has the sensation that it is she who shifts in different planes with respect to To their environment.

We are a team dedicated to the study and diagnosis of the pathologies of dizziness and dizziness that affect man.

Specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo and dizziness and editor of Archives of Sensology and Neurootology (ASN), trained in the University of Würzburg, Germany where we explore the three systems of balance, since we have the knowledge and the equipment for the diagnosis Specific of the patient with vertigo and dizziness.

For us, it has always been a challenge and a requirement to constantly update and modernize our methods to arrive with more precision at the diagnosis and treatment of the patient with vertigo.