Rotational Testing Torsion Arm

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Rotational Testing Torsion Arm

The patient is placed in an armchair that makes hourly turns and then counterclockwise in order to stimulate the organ of the balance of the ear.

The rotary chair is specially designed for sinusoidal tests; Is composed of a chair, a leg with a complete electronic system, a jaw support, allowing the correct position of the patient’s head, as well as a pendulum in metal sheet containing weights.

Vertigo sintomas.

Vertigo symptoms.With the patient installed in a rotating chair, successive hourly and anticlockwise turns are performed at a speed of 20 ° per second and 180 ° amplitude, stopping between these for 10 seconds, with eyes open and in the dark.

The computer program of the team will inform us of the number, the mean slow phase velocity of the rotating and post-rotary nystagmus, thus allowing the assessment of the symmetry and GAIN of the vestibulo-ocular reflex.

The purpose of the rotary test is to determine:

1º If the dizziness is due to a disorder of the inner ear or brain.

2nd Prognosis of vestibular rehabilitation.

The test consists of:

The chair test measures the dizziness (in the eye movements of the eyes, called nystagmus) while slowly turning the patient into a motorized chair. People with inner ear disease have less dizziness than normal people.

The optokinetic test measures the dizziness caused by the sight of moving streaks. This test is sometimes useful for diagnosing bilateral vestibular loss and central conditions.

The fixation test measures nystagmus while rotating the person, while they are looking at a point of light that is rotating with them. Fixation suppression is impaired by central nervous system conditions and improved by bilateral vestibular loss.

This test is complementary to caloric, being indispensable for an exhaustive diagnosis of the functioning of the vestibular apparatus and being able to evaluate if the patient is in an acute phase of the vertigo, or tending to the compensation, since the approach of the treatment will be different.

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