Dizziness? Goodbye to Dizziness – Solved

Vertigo? Dizziness?

I had always lived a healthy life, played sports, never drank alcohol or smoke. 7 years ago I started with a strange dizziness, accompanied by tiredness, the sensation of vertigo, and as of being drunk, I was turning my head or rather the whole floor, since then when I gave this lasted several hours, I felt dazed, Was present more in times of cold or rain, perhaps suggested me more in those days or maybe it was a relationship with my body temperature, in places where there was enough light or a lot of movement people also made me dizzy. This had prevented my level of sports from falling drastically, because when I walked only 150 meters, these symptoms appeared, dizziness, tiredness, dizziness, as if I fell, as if my head lacked oxygen and was drunk, could not even swim . Since 6 years ago I had done a lot of tests: head x-rays, electrocardiograms, computed tomography, chemical analysis, etc .: and everything went well, I was told I had a problem in the cervical area of ​​the spine, but I went to Rehabilitation experts, I spent enough money, after a few months they told me that I was well, but I still had the same symptoms … Please, this was not stress, no anxiety, no depression, you know yourself and this Was totally discarded. I had no pain, but there were stitches in my body that I touched with my finger, and it was an intense pain, as in the forearm, the back of the head, the left and right of the neck, in Some part of the shoulders, etc …. My life for 7 years was at 50% and not a single doctor could cure this, until I was recommended to the Clinic of Otologic Neurology and gradually solved my problem, I highly recommend Dr. Jorge Said, do not resign themselves to learning to Living with these life-limiting symptoms, I would like all those people who have suffered from the same to feel the same joy and joy that I experience in recovering my life, simply and simply is wonderful to be normal again, Dr. Said is A real professional specialist in my problem, studied these symptoms, deepened, and I indicated the type of therapy to follow, please repeat: it was not anxiety, stress or depression or anything psychological, this was physiological or something of my body Which he still could not know and no doctor had been able to solve

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Do not settle for going on like this all your life. If you do not care you will lose precious days of normal life that I lost for 7 years, these symptoms suddenly came to me at age 33, until 41 I regained normalcy. Thank you very much Doctor Said.

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