Assessment and Adaptation of Hearing Aids

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Assessment and Adaptation of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are physically constructed to be used either inside the ear canal (intracanals) or outside the ear canal (behind the ear and the ear canal), and regardless of their construction, their technology may be analog or digital.

The hearing aid is an electronic device that amplifies the sound and allows a person with hearing difficulties to hear better the sounds of the frequencies in which it has a limitation. They are used for any degree of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss in which medical treatment is not a viable solution.

Every hearing aid has three basic parts:

  1. Microphone. It is responsible for receiving the sound.
  2. Amplifier. Increases the sound.
  3. Receiver or horn. Send the amplified sound to the ear.

Aparatos auditivos, auxiliares auditivos.

Hearing aids, hearing aids. The power source is a battery. These are of different sizes and length according to the type of auxiliary and how it is used.

Once the diagnosis of hearing loss is made, in which it is determined that what is needed are hearing aids, a test of levels of comfort and discomfort is performed. In cases of bilateral hypoacusis (in both ears) it is ideal to use two auxiliaries, since this favors Binaurality, which allows, among other advantages, to locate where the sound comes from.

There are several models of hearing aids ranging from retroauriculères or behind the ear, to the inmates in the channel or CIC that are the most discreet.

Behind-the-ear: They are located behind the ear, they are connected with a mold made to the measure of each person that conducts the sound of the auxiliary to the ear. They are used for all types and degrees of hearing loss.

Tailored hearing aids: bring all the electronic components into the mold that is made for each person. Within this type are: Intra-auricular, Intracane and Internal in the canal.

Intra-auricular or shell: cover the entire shell of the ear and are used for mild to severe hearing loss.

Intracanals: occupy the external ear canal of the ear and are suggested for mild to severe hearing loss.

Internal in the canal: they are located in the inner part of the external auditory canal of the ear and for this reason they are the less visible, generally they are used for hearing loss of degree mild to moderate.

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